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Hello Grade 4's!!! I can't believe the time has come to start another school year and I can't wait to spend this time with all of you. So, let's start with the basics. My name is Ms. Khilnani (or Ms. K if you rather) and this will be my first year at Glenn Arbour Academy and I will be your teacher for grade four. This will be my eigth year teaching, and I most recently worked as a grade six teacher. I am really excited about meeting all of you. I have a love for learning and reading that I can't wait to share with you! I love teaching and watching little minds shape and mold into wonderful little readers, writers, activists etc! The sky is the limit. My fabourite part of teaching is when the light bulb turns on because a kiddo GETS IT!!!

I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts, and then my Bachelor of Education back in 2010. Since then, I have gone on to complete my Masters degree in Education from my alumni, Nipissing University in North Bay, Ontario - We the REAL North! However, I am not done yet! I love school - not only teaching it, but attending it! This past summer, I obtained my additional qualifications in Special Education. I am passionate about being up to date with the new trends in education and can't wait to learn more so I can share it with all of you!

I was born in India, but grew up in Lagos, Nigeria (do you know where that is? Look it up with your folks!). I really loved growing up internationally as it gave me an appreciation for the rest of the world. When I was 10 years old, I moved to Ottawa, Ontario with my mother and sister. Since then, I have taught in China for a year, and mainly lived in Sudbury, Ontario for the majority of the last 16 years. 

I now live in Milton with my partner and most adorable two year old, Mavin! He is the pride and joy of my life and I love sharing pictures and stories of him with my class as he is sooooo funny! He sure keeps me busy. Mavin shares my love of reading and books are his favourite - that and trucks of course!

In a nutshell, I love kids and have always wanted to be a teacher. This year has so many fun and new things to try I know we will all have a great year ahead - and for that, I thank you in advance because I know it's going to be awesome!!!

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Animal: Elephants and dogs

Book: Harry Potter

Candy: Fuzzy Peaches

University: Laurentian University and Nipissing University

Colour: Pink

Drink: Fresh Lime Juice

Food: Mmmmm... anything spicy!

Movie: Moana (Because we have watched it like 100 times!)


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I want to create an enviroment that is fun, engaging, exciting, and positive. I want kids to learn without even realizing they are learning. Using authentic teaching methods like PBL is a great way to ensure this! I have high expectations for all the students in my class, but don't worry - I really like to have fun too! My goal is to always create a fun and safe learning enviroment for your child and get them ready for grade four!


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We are a team! I want to make sure that together we are always making the best decisions for your child. My classroom is always open to you! I will always keep the lines of communication open with frequent notes, weekly schedules posted, announcements on my webpage, notes, emails, or phone calls. I would encourage you to do the same! Please don't ever hesitate to contact me - my email information is listed on this page for your reference at all times.