Friday, February 15, 2019 

As assigned by supply teacher. and:

Fish in a Tree - Chapter 27 & 28 Questions:



What was Keisha’s “surprise” when Ally and Albert when over to her house? 

How does Albert “save” Ally from having to read at Keisha’s? 

What does Ally spell with the cookie dough letters? 
Explain how they made the cupcakes. 

Why do you think Albert is so protective of the milk?

What happened to the cupcakes when they were baking? Explain. 

What does Ally think about the cupcakes messing up? 

Explain Mr. Daniels’ conversation with Ally before she heads to lunch. 

What game does he ask Ally about? 

What is Ally’s connection to that game? 

What makes Ally change her mind about staying after to learn the game?


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