Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2018 

Math: Lesson 72

Spelling - Pg 76-78


Chapter 23 Questions

What does Ally do to remember her vocabulary words? *What strategies do you use to help?

“I’ve always had one important rule in the classroom, which is to try to lie low. “ What does Ally mean by this?

Why is Mr. Daniels surprised when Ally raises her  hand? 

What makes Ally an expert on these words? 

“Mr. Daniel’s eyes are wide, and they’re waiting for me. “Ally?” he says. “It’s okay, now. Take your time.” And it’s like he can see right into my guts. Knows how sad I am. Like he’s handing me a flashlight in a dark room.” Explain what this says about Mr. Daniels influence on Ally.

What is the compliment Mr. Daniels gives after Ally’s answer? 

Why do you think Ally asked to go to the restroom after he said this? 

Ally says “She doesn’t even have to say anything..” about Shay. “My brain plays the things she would say.” What would Shay say? How does Ally know?

Why does Ally feel like a wooden nickel after having such a great response in class? 


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