Weekly Outline Sept. 24 - 28 


September 24-28





(Ms. Khilnani)


Writing: Last week students completed storyboards, this week, students will hone the skill of writing summaries.  

Students will continue topic 1 of  their year-long journal writing format and participate in the weekly activities. This topic is focusing on Making A Difference in the world. This week they will focus on making an impact on the world.

Students will also continue their penmanship this week as well.


Reading: We will be starting the new novel this week, A Fish in the Tree. Change in novel was made so as all students would have an opportunity to explore a new novel that they had not previously read.


Grammar: Students will review common grammar rules.


Spelling: Students will take part in spelling activities.

We will have a spelling test on Friday.



(Ms. Khilnani)


This week, students will continue to work in the Saxon textbook and in their notebooks. This week, we will move on to Lesson 11-15. We will continue with the format of speed math and mental math as warm-ups.


And the fun part: students will continue with Prodigy. Students are able to play prodigy at home if they like.



(Ms. Khilnani)


Students will be continue our unit on Canadian Regions. We will be

completing  Chapter 6 - which focuses on the The Hudson Bay Lowlands.  

We may have a guest speaker that relates to the area.



(Ms. Khilnani)


This week students will continue our  first unit on the Habitats and Communities. We will be completing the building of their prototypes of our PBL unit and will practice their presentations on it.


Media Arts

(Mrs. Grovum)

Our theme this week in Media Arts is Family & Grandparents.  Students will explore family in literature with read-alouds and book related activities.



(Ms. James)


Last week students brainstormed ideas for our independent Pop Art Projects. This week we will focus on practicing the technique of the artist and begin our final projects.


(Mr. Fretz)

Students will  taking part in soccer skill building activities this week.  They will also be training for cross country and taking part in various cooperative/leadership based activities.  Each Friday students will take part in active and cooperative games to earn points for their House (Torrin, Malliag, Kyleakin).



(Mr. Kudera)


Students are to practice pages 5 and 6 in Recorder Karate.  They will also continue to practice the song Count On Me for the upcoming Grandparents’ Day assembly.


(Mr. Fretz)


Students will be continue looking at the Canadian Food Guide this week.  Students will be identifying different types of nutrients for foods within each food group.  They will also begin to work on a healthy eating commercial for the food group of their choice.



(Mme. Israil)


We will continue learning  vocabulary and ‘’ER ‘’ verbs. Focus of this week is  Using verbs and vocabulary to write proper sentences. Students will have a vocabulary test  and “er’ verbs conjugation.



(Mrs. Massaro)

Students will be working on reader’s theatre pieces



(Mr. Kudera)


History of Computers:  This week, the students will learn the original meaning of the word computer and how it has evolved to today’s meaning of computer.