Weekly Outline  

November 11th-15th 2019

Grade 4


(Ms. Steinburg)

We will continue with recording notes in our agenda and being responsible for our assigned classroom jobs. We will also focus on mindfulness and making sure we have everything needed to go home (ie. homework, uniform, water bottles etc).



Students will be using Saxon math, word problems worksheets, facts worksheets, and hands on activities to practice math concepts. 


This weeks assessment will be November 15th. 



This week, students will be continuing to learn about and build  pulleys and gears. 


(Ms. Steinburg)

Assessment for lessons 1-7 of Wordly Wise - Monday November 11th 2019. Students will also be continuing their Reading for Meaning logs this week. Students will continue brainstorming their plans for short stories. These stories will be submitted to the Polar Expressions contest on December 6th 2019. 

Social Studies 

(Ms. Steinburg)

Students will explore and learn about the history of Remembrance Day and return to early society exploration. 


(Mrs. Grovum)

Students will complete their ideal timetable presentations and will continue to practice telling time in French as well as focusing on writing with IR verbs.


(Mr. Poaps)

Students will prepare for the holiday concert.


(Mr. Poaps)

Play rehearsal

Visual Arts

(Ms. James)

This week students will continue to learn about Cubism. We will continue to discuss different artists and start thinking about our projects!


(Ms. Togneri)

This week, students will be introduced to Google Suites - composing, opening and saving documents


(Mr. Fretz)

Students will begin their unit on Safety this week. They will begin the unit by discussing bullying

and creating Anti-Bullying Posters.


(Mr. Fretz)

Students will take part in basketball skill building activities and games this week.

The Phys. Ed week will be broken up into 3 days. Monday (Sport Specific games/skills)

Wednesday (Active Games) Friday (Cooperative/Team Building Games/House Activities)

Media Arts

(Mrs. Becke)

This week we will read a book of the class’s choice and focus on how to do mini book reviews. We will then do a MakerSpace activity.