Weekly Outline



Language: Students will be completing their in-school book report activities for the novel "Holes." They will also be finishing their end of the year essay (rough copy) and begin to edit and type it in computer class. 


Math: Students will be reviewing lesson 115 and 116.  They will complete lessons 117-118


Social Studies: Students will learn about Timbuktu and do a binder check for a quiz on the Six Nations and Timbuktu (Monday June 4th)


Science: Students will review levers and pulleys with in-class activities. They will have a binder check on Monday for a test on June 6th. 


Health: Students will be taking part in the Growth and Development health unit this week.  They will begin by discussing and defining puberty and discuss the stages of rapid growth in humans (Prior to birth, infancy, puberty) 


French: Students will review sight words and common expressions to help build on their understanding of French conversation prompts. They will continue with their vocabulary words to prepare for a “dictée” this week.


Music: The students will be introduced to chromatic percussion instruments.  They will differentiate between chromatic and non-chromatic instruments. They will continue to practice the songs Goodbye My Friend, Into the Woods Finale, and the opening to Part IX of the play.