Weekly Outline  


Mar 4-8





(Ms. Khilnani)


Writing:  Students will submit good copy of  letter for assessment to an author of their choice.

Students will now start their unit on narratives and exploring the types.

Students will continue their year-long journal writing format and participate in the weekly activities.

Students will also continue their penmanship this week as well.


Reading: We will continue the novel this week, A Fish in the Tree. Students will continue with comprehension questions, vocabulary and lessons that enhance reading.

Students will continue their work with  the article of the week which we will continue for the duration of the school year. Students need the opportunity to become familiar with a variety of text formats.


Grammar: Students will complete sentence fragments  in their Language Arts program. There will be a grammar test on Friday.


Spelling: Students will take part in spelling activities.

We will have a spelling test on Monday.  



(Ms. Khilnani)


This week, students will continue to work in the Saxon textbook and in their notebooks. This week, we will move on to Lesson 88-92. We will continue with the format of speed math and mental math as warm-ups.

And the fun part: students will continue with Prodigy. Students are able to play prodigy at home if they like.



(Ms. Khilnani)

Students have been introduced to the new concept of PBL,and will now start collecting data. Groups will be formed and research will start. We will also continue learning about Canada’s Regions. Students are now learning about the regions of Canada including provinces and territories.



(Ms. Khilnani)

We will complete some self evaluations in regards to science experiments and what they noticed about rocks and minerals. Students will have a Rock and Minerals test.

Media Arts

(Mrs. Grovum)

Students will work on their book reviews.



(Ms. James)

Students will begin a new unit on famous artists. We will explore the life and art of Van Gogh.


(Mr. Fretz)

Students will be taking part in ball hockey skill development this week. Students will also take part in cooperative games to earn points for their House (Torrin, Malliag, Kyleakin).



(Mr. Kudera)

  • Theory

    • Genres:  The students will continue to study the “classical” genre.  They will briefly visit the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and 20th Century periods of music.

    • There will be a note reading drill this week.

  • Instrumental – students are to bring their instruments on Tuesday

    • The Band Begins

    • Moving by Step


(Mr. Fretz)

 Students will continue to learn about tobacco and the short and long-term effects of smoking.  They will continue to identify what tobacco is and continue to examine negative health risks associated with second \-hand smoke and environmental smoke.   


(Mme. Grovum)

Students will begin continue their unit on Canadian regions.


(Ms. Weston)

Students will continue to practice their Shakespeare play using the props they created.


(Mr. Kudera)

  • students will complete their Google Slides presentations