Weekly Outline  

MArch 2nd-6th 2020

Grade 4


(Ms. Steinburg)

We will be doing a thorough clean of lockers, desks and shelves in preparation for March Break. We will also be discussing CTBS testing and what to expect.



This week we will be continuing our Grade 4  Saxon Math lessons. Also, we will be working on daily word problems, Maths centers for hands-on activities, and fact sheets for practicing basic skills. This week we will not have an assessment!



This week students will be going to view the invention convention and participating in some fun St.Paddy’s themed science. 


(Ms. Steinburg)

We have completed our first novel study! Students will finish up a creative book report to summarize their findings from Fortunately, the Milk. We will also continue Wordly Wise this week. Students will have a spelling assessment on Thursday March 5th (lesson 10). We will also continue cursive writing and Quote of the Week journal activities. 

Social Studies 

(Ms. Steinburg)

We will continue our second unit of Social Studies: Canada’s Regions. 


(Mrs. Grovum)



(Mr. Poaps)

Students will have a playing test on Thursday. Country Swing or Ho Ho Watney. Students will review concepts learned throughout the classical period.


(Mr. Poaps)

Masks will be used to start a skit this week.

Visual Arts

(Ms. James)

This week students will share their Pointillism project with the class! Additionally, they will fill out a self-rubric!


Come in and see our Art! Our creations will be kept at school for Open Houses and Arbour Arts week. All projects will be sent home after Arbour Arts week. Please let me know if you would like to take it home.


(Ms. Togneri)

Students will complete their scavenger hunt on Google Earth!


(Mr. Fretz)

Students will be continuing the Substance Use unit this week. They will begin an online program

to learn about tobacco products.


(Mr. Fretz)

Students will continue to take part in modified volleyball activities and games this week as well

as ball hockey skill building activities.


The Phys. Ed week will be broken up into 3 days. Monday (Sport Specific games/skills)

Wednesday (Active Games) Friday (Cooperative/Team Building Games/House Activities)

Media Arts

(Mrs. Becke)

This week we will be discussing different genres. We will be identifying our favourite books of a variety of genres. We will read another chapter of our class novel, as well.